Track and secure cargo containers

Seriously secure.

Telematics is not just for the track and trace of vehicles or trucks. The technology is so highly developed that you can monitor the fuel usage and driver behaviour to improve performance and productivity, among many other applications.

So it is no surprise that we can use the solutions developed by Pointer for securing things that don’t have wheels. Such as cargo containers. This is where the Trailer Tracking unit and the Container lock are a good match.

The TTU is an easily installed magnetic application which in simple terms tracks trailers. It is easily plugged into the transport unit’s power source and it is surrounded by a weather proof rugged shell, which allows it to be installed almost anywhere on the container. It allows for the container to be monitored throughout the supply chain without interfering with the logistic operations, such as authorities inspections, transport, loading and unloading etc.

The Container Lock has strategically placed sensors which provide alerts to the platform or your smart device should the lock be tampered with or an attempt to remove it without authorisation. The lock is easily installed and removed at the appropriate time without having to open the container itself, thus ensuring the privacy of the cargo. The cargo lock enables the cargo owner to control and monitor its own cargo independently from the vehicle that transports it.

So between the 2 devices you have a secure container that you can track and monitor in any yard or port, and along the full length of the supply chain, as well as a container lock that is securing the cargo itself.

Tracking and security working hand in hand.

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