Theft of yellow equipment is on the rise

R1 billion in loss of stolen farming, construction and mining equipment per year! Less than 6% of the machines stolen are ever recovered.

Yellow machinery

Recently the syndicates that steal and sell these machines have become more brazen and the black market value of them is increasing, and so is the profit that the thieves make from it. It is becoming more obvious to us at Pointer that there are a lot of companies who own or rent these machines, are not overly concerned about their machines going missing so they do not install any tracking or fleet management systems into them. This must change and the perception that no one will want to go to the effort of stealing such a large and obvious machine also needs to be changed. The syndicates that operate in this particular black market are very efficient and experienced and sell the machines very fast and for a lot of profit.

So what are the most commonly stolen yellow equipment machines?
1. The ride on lawnmower. It is small enough to load into a truck and hide inside a house. They sell very fast and net the syndicates a tidy sum.
2. The farmers tractor. It has a highe enough value and can easily be loaded to a flatbed or tow truck.
3. The backhoe. This has a very high value for the syndicates and can be towed easily enough.

Having the right tracking solution in place is becoming crucial and not only can the solution help mitigate your risk of theft, we can also provide you with monitoring of your driver’s behaviour in relation to idling time, which can cost you money in fuel; and the times and use of the machines day and night in and around a set geo-fenced area. This is also an area that is becoming a concern, whereby these earth movers are being used after hours by staff who have no compunction about using them for another purpose. So not only can we provide you with a tracking and recovery solution, but we can also give you a driver behaviour solution that will assist you with understanding what your driver’s are doing with the machines and how they might be causing you more operational costs than is necessary.

Fuel management is a concern for the construction and mining companies as much as it is for a road transporter. Do your driver’s over idle or speed in these large machines? Are they entering a zone of the site that they are not authorised for? What about fuel theft? This is becoming a serious problem on the sites and it needs to be addressed.

So what are Pointer doing about these challenges?
We are offering a free audit on your current telematics solution and we have also prepared a package deal for only R229 per vehicle per month that includes the following:

• Fleet management unit with 3 minute report rate
• panic button and tow alert
• Recovery and Bureau services 24/7 of which Pointer has a 100% recover rate
• GPS odometer and speed
• Geo-fencing
*Optional accessory of Driver ID

The benefits of this package is that it will mitigate your risk of theft, and should the machine be stolen we do have a 100% recovery rate. Other benefits include reporting on driver behaviour to help you implement a better driving style in your drivers. We will also be able to tell you if the machines are being used out of hours for another purpose and provide you with actionable insights into your fleet’s daily tasks.

If this sounds like a solution you can’t afford to miss, view and download the brochure.
Pointer – The Smart Way Forward.

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