Accident notification & reporting

Pointer Fleet Feature: Accident notification, reporting & reconstruction

Pointer Fleet is the web based platform that allows you to view and manage all your mobile assets from a single interface. Drill down and see the location and activity of each vehicle and driver. The Safety Module is an added benefit to the platform and in the case of the Cello IQ range and CANBus hardware, the accident notification, reporting and reconstruction feature is a vital tool. The accident report displays all available accidents per date grouped by vehicle/driver.

Let’s say your driver who has been working for you for 3 years is driving along a farm road at a higher speed that what is legal for that segment. A goat unexpectedly crosses the road, which the driver sees at the last minute and in order to miss the goat he swerves the truck and hits a tree.

Standard Accident Detection

The accident detection system will activate the moment impact occurs and is picked up by 8 different impact zones. The accident alert is sent immediately to the configured person, and the Alarm Response Centre of Pointer for immediate action. Ground recovery services can also be dispatched to assist the driver. This feature comes standard with the Cello IQ 30 and 40 hardware.

Enhanced Accident detection & analysis

The Cello IQ 50 and Cello CAN-IQ hardware has developed further reporting by providing the fleet manager with an immediate and automated accident report. This can show you the exact location of the accident, as well as the condition of the road and the behaviour of the driver at the time of the accident. Was he speeding, or driving erratically? When driver ID is used in conjunction, the history of the driver’s behaviour and accidents over a pre-defined time period is also provided as part of the report so the fleet manager can get a full understanding of each element that contributed to the incident.

Reconstruction of the event is required if the accident has any legal repercussions, such as someone being injured or killed during the incident. This report is crucial for a fleet owner who is ultimately responsible for all his vehicles in the case of an accident.

For more information take a look at the video.

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